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What is the BEE status of Corporate Renewal Solutions?
See About Corporate Renewal Solutions for complete information.
Corporate Renewal Solutions have different web sites?

The different web sites are for different service offerings.

CRS Business transformation and CRS Management Consulting are on the Corporate Renewal Solutions web site.  They will soon be on their own web sites with the Corporate Renewal Solutions web site serving as an overall corporate renewal web site.

CRS Turnaround is on this web site.

Does Corporate Renewal Solutions only advise large companies, or does it work with small businesses too?

We work for both large and small clients.

The larger the client, the higher the affordability of a multi-disciplinary project team.  For small clients though, it is more cost-effective to provide a multi-skilled consultant.

How does Does Corporate Renewal Solutions' fee structure work?  Do you charge for time or per project?

All fees are eventually related to time spent.

We normally charge a daily fee, which is dependent on the level of consultants involved.

Fixed project fees are based on our estimate of required person-days spend.  We can only enter into fixed price contracts if there is reasonably certainty of input required to meet deliverables and no scope creep.

We don't do the analysis phase or Diagnostic Reviews at risk, since we don't know what to expect.

For the implementation phase of turnaround or business transformation projects, a risk-based approach is negotiable.  We prefer, however, to cover our costs, or costs plus overhead as fixed fees, putting either markup or profit at risk.  There are two types of risk projects:

  • If we manage a company as turnaround managers, we have the authority to manage and implement.
  • However, if we are consultants to management, risk-based projects assume that management of clients and Corprenewal are tied to the same risk and incentives.

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