Our resources and networks


Our core turnaround and management consulting skills and competences are supplemented by:

  • Seamlessly drawing project team members from a wide network of pre-qualified associates and professionals.
  • Interfacing with a wide network of professional services and financial institutions.

Independent consultants

We contract in seasoned consultants in turnaround, sales & marketing, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, finance, HR and leadership development on a per project basis.


Alliances with leading international consulting firms

We have arrangements to draw, if necessary, on the consulting staff of international consulting firms to staff large projects, and for bringing specific skills to bear on client issues.


Interim managers

Experienced executives are available for interim management positions as CEO, MD or functional executives e.g. Financial, Marketing, Manufacturing and HR Directors.

We coach and monitor interim managers placed by us.

Professional services

We have long-established ties with:

  • Advisory services firms.
  • Auditing firms.
  • Forensic auditors.
  • Legal firms.
  • Liquidators.


Financial institutions

Our network for purposes of raising equity and refinancing include:

  • Private equity firms.
  • Development fund institutions.
  • Investment banks.
  • Commercial banks.


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  • Or a professional with proven turnaround skills and experience,

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