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    Management problems
    Lack of financial controls
    Marketing not successful
    Production problems
    Outdated technology
    Big project gone wrong
    Acquisition gone wrong
    Wrong financial structure
    Changes in market demand
    Too strong competition
    Adverse movements in input costs
    Changes in government policy
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    Turnaround situation assessment
    Financial Health Check (Z-Score)
    Diagnostic Probe (Pre-assessment of client issues)
    Directional Diagnostic Review (no detailed financial modeling)
    Diagnostic Review (complete independent business review)

    Turnaround implementation
    Emergency management only
    Quick fix and disposal
    Turnaround Kick-start (emergency management and restructuring, leaving embedding to management)
    Comprehensive turnaround programme (emergency management, restructuring and recovery)
    Interim management

    Turnaround workshop
    Turnaround coaching
    Turnaround mentoring



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