Turnaround clients

Our clients include management, and providers of debt and equity capital.  In a distressed situation, all three stakeholders play key roles irrespective of which client commissioned our turnaround service.

Management as turnaround clients

When commissioned by management, our approach is to partner closely with management in an advisory and coaching capacity to effect a turnaround.

We accept turnaround commissions from management if:

  • Management is committed to the turnaround.
  • Not part of the problem.
  • Accepts our turnaround approach and methodologies.


Shareholders as turnaround clients

In cases where senior management has left or is leaving, our turnaround commission may come from the board of directors.

When reporting to the Board, we normally take charge of the turnaround management of the company in the capacity of interim managers.

In qualifying cases, however, we will partner with new or existing management.

Lenders as turnaround clients

Turnarounds are often triggered by banks and lending institutions when loan covenants are breached.

As such they influence shareholders and/or management by making continued financial support contingent upon a turnaround situation assessment, and a credible turnaround strategy.

Although not directly commissioning turnaround assignments, banks normally wield significant power in a distressed situation.  They therefore dictate the terms of an informal creditor workout.

We have conducted workouts involving all the major South African banks, individually and in banking consortiums.

Turnaround experience and past turnaround projects will tell you more about our turnaround management experience and typical examples of turnaround management projects completed.

We seek alignment and facilitates consensus between management, shareholders, lenders and other stakeholders.

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Irrespective of who commissioned the turnaround, a company's management, and providers of debt and equity capital are all equally important stakeholders in a turnaround.