Turnaround management consulting firm

Benefits of using CRS Turnaround

  • We have successfully conducted turnaround assignments since 1999.
  • As turnaround specialists, we enter a company with a fresh eye and complete objectivity taking a dispassionate view of internal politics.
  • Based on our turnaround management experience, and using tried and tested tools and methodologies, we are able to rapidly spot problems in troubled companies and create new solutions that may not be visible to company insiders or concerned onlookers.  
  • We provide the process, structure and framework for the turnaround.  We constantly renew our own approach by keeping abreast of new ideas by thought leaders and new turnaround developments in the field.
  • We align and reach consensus with all stakeholders, including banks, investors, board, management, employees, customers and suppliers.
  • As turnaround management consultants we have no political agenda or other obligation to bias the decision-making process, allowing us to take the sometimes unpopular, yet necessary decisive steps for survival. 
  • Yet, we facilitate change by managing stakeholders and involving the organisation in designing and implementing change, and take a compassionate view towards employees affected by restructuring, helping with outplacement programmes and fully consulting with labour unions.
  • We project manage the turnaround, allowing management to get on with the day-to-day job of managing the business.
  • We have access to loan and/or private capital and have good relationships with the commercial banks.

The CRS Turnaround edge

Our competitive advantage is based on a unique blend of hard nosed turnaround management experience and large-scale business transformation consulting experience of our principal turnaround professionals.

Firstly, many have managed distressed companies as turnaround managers.  Having worked at the rock face and being accountable to turn troubled companies around, they are uniquely positioned to see issues from the client's perspective.

Secondly, many or our professionals have significant experience of large-scale transformation projects conducted by international consulting firms, where they designed and implemented change in project work streams within client steering structures and in joint teams with clients' employees.

This brought the leadership alignment, stakeholder management, change management, project management and joint team perspectives to our turnarounds.

What to look for in a turnaround management firm

  • Experience of, and expertise in:
      • Determining short-term survivability and longer-term turnaround viability.
      • Managing the turnaround, and stabilising, funding and fixing the business.
      • Application of the appropriate cutting-edge tools and methodologies during the respective natural stages of the turnaround - viability assessment, emergency management, restructuring and recovery.
  • Proven prepacks, toolkits and databases to onboard project team members and expedite execution.
  • Track record of principals.
  • Strong commercial skills and line management experience.
  • Access to providers of loan and equity capital.
  • A bias for decisive action.
  • Ability to take charge and deliver rather than merely advising.
  • Capability of forming project teams large and small.
  • Network of  appropriate experts and skills to commission as project resources.
  • Strong turnaround project management skills.
  • Ability to cope with uncertainty, handle high levels of stress and work under pressure.
  • Willingness to stand by viability recommendations by working on a risk basis.

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