Comprehensive turnaround programme

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Comprehensive turnaround programme

Our comprehensive turnaround programme returns a distressed company to a sustainable improved and stable financial and operational position.

Our executives either:

  • Take charge of management of a distressed company through assuming interim management positions; or
  • Coach existing management through the various stages and application of the turnaround strategy and execution plan.

In addition, we provide a critical mass of resources in the form of a multidisciplinary project team. 

The team operates from the client site in close consultation with senior executives of the company.

The composition of the project team is based on streams of work identified during the Diagnostic Review.

The turnaround team works towards eliminating the crisis, renewing leadership, and obtaining stakeholder support for the turnaround process. 

It resolves funding issues and renews the business in strategic, organisational and operational terms. 

The process takes place within a rigorous project management framework.

Using the broad turnaround strategy of the Diagnostic Review as a starting point, we do further in-depth turnaround analysis and planning during the turnaround plan refinement stage, followed by implementation during the restructuring stage, and embedding during the recovery stage.

The duration of the comprehensive turnaround programme depends on the size of business and issues faced. 

A turnaround is seldom achieved in months, even for smaller companies, and takes from/between 18 months to two or three years for larger companies to ensure proper embedding. 

Typically, our involvement becomes less intensive after the turnaround restructuring stage.

We prefer a risk-based compensation structure for executing a comprehensive turnaround management programme provided that we have full or substantial control of the turnaround process.

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The success of turnaround implementation depends on how well turnaround viability assessment was conducted.