Diagnostic Probe

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Purpose of the Diagnostic Probe

The Diagnostic Probe is a pre-assessment of troubled client issues with the objective of designing a Diagnostic Review.

In the case of a smaller company its may serve as the Diagnostic Review itself.

Diagnostic Probe characteristics

Typically, it involves a day of focus interviews with key executives and key stakeholders, a high level overview of financial and company records, and a site/facilities visit.

We use our turnaround management diagnostics and observations to compile a brief summary of findings, impressions and options, as well as a proposal should we feel that we can add value.

Diagnostic Probe cost

Other than out-of-town traveling expenses, the pre-assessment for large companies comes free of charge should we decline to become involved, or should a prospective client decide not to proceed with a turnaround.

In the event of a turnaround project emanating from the assessment, the project fees will include the cost of the Diagnostic Probe.

In the case of smaller firms, the Diagnostic Probe is charged for.


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The Diagnostic Probe is useful in scoping out the turnaround viability assessment work to be done during during the Diagnostic Review.