Financial Health Diagnosis

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Using the Z-score

What is the Financial Health Diagnosis?

The Financial Health Diagnosis determines a company's Z-Score and assesses the implications thereof for the turnaround of the business.

The Z-Score is a reliable measure of whether a company is healthy, in danger, or failing.


Cost of the Financial Health Diagnostic

Our Financial Health Diagnosis is a free service for prospective clients interested in making use of our turnaround situation assessment services.

How to make use of the Financial Health Diagnostic

To make use of this service, please follow the following simple steps:

  • Download the CRS Turnaround Z-Score Excel spreadsheet (see box on the right).
  • Indicate whether you are a manufacturing/non-manufacturing company, and whether you are listed or privately owned/subsidiary of a listed company.
  • Provide the indicated income statement and and balance sheet figures for the past few years.
  • Furnish your contact details.
  • Email the completed spreadsheet back to us at
  • Receive your Z-Score report (graph and analysis).

Please refer to:

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CRS Turnaround Z-Score sheet

Download the CRS Turnaround Z-Score Excel spreadsheet (66k)



The Financial Health Diagnostic quickly determines to what extent a company is a candidate for bankruptcy.