Interim turnaround management

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Interim turnaround management

Key positions in a company undergoing a turnaround often become unstaffed due to termination of employment or resignations.

We fill this gap by providing interim turnaround managers.

Our interim turnaround managers are not management consultants.  They control and direct the resources of underperforming or distressed companies and implement the turnaround or aspects thereof.

Working under our direction and executing our turnaround strategy, they are brought into a company for a limited period of time and with a clear mandate.

Our interim managers are typically employed as Chief Executive Officers or Managing Directors to stabilise the business, or to conduct the full turnaround programme.


The turnaround manager

Different stage of organisational development requires managers with different traits.

The turnaround manager is a unique animal, and is best replaced by a traditional manager after successful conclusion of the turnaround.

The turnaround manager

Entrepreneurial manager

Traditional manager

Turnaround manager

  • Innovator
  • ‘Scatter-gun’ strategy
  • Associate thinker
  • Focus : New products
  • Hires others to implement
  • Does not recognise a need for change
  • Shareholder value
  • Linear thinker
  • Focus : Market share / growth
  • Hires similar personalities
  • Resists change
  • Aim – survival and recovery
  • Downside planner
  • Defensive strategist
  • Focus : Seeker of cash
  • Strong leader
  • Communicator
  • Drives change


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Interim managers represent a cost-effective way to manage a turnaround until the right candidate for full-time employment are found to take the company forward.