Turnaround coaching

Turnaround coaching is the affordable alternative.

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When is turnaround coaching applicable?

Small troubled companies often cannot afford a conventional turnaround engagement

Smaller troubled companies often cannot afford a conventional turnaround engagement on a full-time basis.

Such companies are often growing entrepreneurial companies facing cash flow problems.

CRS Turnaround offer assistance with equity funding as part of its service offering to such companies.

Companies embarking on a turnaround often know what to do, but require turnaround steering and quality control

Larger companies often have a broad idea or even already a detailed plan of how to conduct their turnarounds themselves.

They may, however, require professional inputs to:

  • Provide a framework for turnaround planning and execution.
  • Ensure the integrity of their diagnosis and turnaround approach at the turnaround startup and during its execution.
  • Help monitor the progress of the turnaround.

What does turnaround coaching involve?

Turnaround coaching shifts doing the turnaround work to the troubled company itself.

"A collaborative effort..."

Turnaround coaching is a collaborate effort with the client doing the bulk of the turnaround situation assessment and turnaround implementation under the part-time supervision and coaching of CRS Turnaround.

Typically, CRS Turnaround may spend a number of days with the troubled company, often in workshop fashion, to understand its situation and develop a turnaround approach.

Thereafter, agreement is reached on a turnaround plan, which may require further analysis.

".. with the bulk of the work done by the client."

Such analysis, however, as well as implementation of the turnaround plan, are conducted by the client itself rather than by CRS Turnaround.

CRS Turnaround provides the turnaround tools and methodologies, help with decision-making, and guide the troubled company through executing.

Execution is monitored typically by means of weekly progress meetings.

When will turnaround coaching be viable?

For turnaround coaching to be viable, a number of conditions must apply:

  • The troubled company is not in dire financial distress yet.
  • The troubled company has the time, resources and skills to execute the turnaround plan itself under guidance from CRS Turnaround.
  • An appropriate professional relationship can be established and nourished during the turnaround.

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Turnaround coaching is a viable alternative for smaller troubled companies that cannot afford a more comprehensive CRS Turnaround involvement.