Turnaround implementation services

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Turnaround implementation services

Our turnaround implementation options

"Range of turnaround implementation options to best help clients to return to normality."

Our involvement in the the turnaround management implementation time line may vary from:

  • Stabilising the crisis through emergency management, leaving restructuring and recovery for management to complete;
  • To quick fix and disposal of no-hopers;
  • To kick-starting turnaround management implementation through emergency management and restructuring, leaving embedding for management to complete during the recovery phase;

If a turnaround is viable, we assist management by:

  • Either providing turnaround management support.
  • Or manage the turnaround ourselves as interim managers if so requested.

We also offer the services of interim turnaround managers to manage the company as CEO or MD, or as functional managers e.g. Marketing Manager, Manufacturing Manager, etc.


Turnaround implementation services


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Executing turnaround implementation

"Turnaround stages ..."

We guide (if advising management) or drive (if we are involved in line management) a turnaround through the critical turnaround stages of emergency management, restructuring, and recovery.

"Turnaround components ..."

In doing so, we provide turnaround leadership, stakeholder and project management, and we stabilise, fund and fix the business to return it to normal.


Enablers of a turnaround


Turnaround leadership

We ensure decisive turnaround leadership by either providing appropriate support to management as advisors, or we manage the company turnaround ourselves as interim managers if so commissioned.

Stakeholder management

Apart from ensuring ongoing communication to the company's bank, board, management, creditors, customers, and staff, we also mobilise the organisation behind the turnaround goals as a key component of our turnaround strategies.

Turnaround project management

Our preferred method of working is to ensure rigorous management of work streams, time, cost, resources and turnaround results from a full-time, dedicated, on-site turnaround project office.  We use a Turnaround Scorecard to track results.


Executing a turnaround


Stabilising the business

Prior to fixing the business, we apply emergency management actions to ensure short-term survival.  These may include cash management, measures for cash generation and conservation, reintroducing predictability into the business, demonstrating leadership control and confidence, and putting stakeholders' mind at ease that things will improve for the better.

Funding the business

We enable the sourcing of turnaround funding against our turnaround plan and if necessary restructuring the balance sheet to suit longer-term needs.

Fixing the business

Having stabilised the business and having funding in place, we fix the business through relevant strategic repositioning, reorganisation, and improvements to its primary value chain and support functions.

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The success of turnaround delivery depends on how well turnaround viability assessment was conducted.