Turnaround kick-start service

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Turnaround kick-start

The turnaround kick-start is a shorter version of the comprehensive turnaround programme service offering designed to help distressed companies over the threshold.

This service takes the distressed company through emergency management and restructuring, but leaves embedding during the turnaround recovery period to management

The Turnaround Kick-start is applicable to turnaround situations where the distressed company can largely complete the turnaround process on its own once the crisis has been stabilised and the fundamentals of the turnaround management process have been put into place.

The Turnaround kick-start is typically a few months in duration, with CRS Turnaround involved in a monitoring and advisory role thereafter if appropriate.

Example: High level Turnaround kick-start project design and schedule


Turnaround kick-start


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A Turnaround kick-start is advisable only if the necessary resources and competencies exist for management to embed turnaround implementation.