Turnaround mentoring

Our turnaround mentoring is tailor-made for individuals in leadership positions in turnarounds.

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Who benefits from turnaround mentoring?

Corporate executives in turnaround situations face enormous pressure, expectations and deadlines.

Moreover, they face personal challenges including stress, time management, executive burnout, company politics and lack of support.

Despite the tough exterior image being upheld, it is often a lonely and ungrateful job.

CRS Turnaround has seasoned turnaround executives, who have been in the hot seat themselves, available to spend time with corporate turnaround managers feeling the pressure.

They understand the difficulties faced by turnaround managers and are available to share their own experiences and remedies through turnaround mentoring.

What does turnaround mentoring involve?

Being a turnaround manager takes its toll on the individual.

Our mentoring to turnaround executives includes the following:

Rational side of a turnaround

Mentoring on the rational side of a turnaround helps providing perspective by developing a thorough understanding of turnaround stages, turnaround components, turnaround strategy, and how they all fit together to effect a turnaround.

For more information, see turnaround coaching services.

Emotional side of a turnaround

Mentoring on the emotional side of a turnaround includes how to cope with stress and burnout, increase confidence and staying power, how to balance work with home obligations during a turnaround, and habits to stay healthy.

Particular attention is given to how to cope with setbacks, and how to combat the senses of frustration, perceived failure and unhappiness with the pace and outcome of the turnaround to date.

This helps to encourage motivation and boost morale.

Political side of a turnaround

The success of a turnaround stretches only as far as gaining and retaining support from all constituencies involved.

Mentoring on the political side of a turnaround deals with gaining acceptance and support of other stakeholders.

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Turnaround mentoring is for turnaround executives in the hot seat.