Turnaround situation assessment services

To enable us to best communicate with you about your needs, preposition us about your company issues by 1) completing a secure client profile submission form, and 2) downloading, completing and emailing your CRS Turnaround Z-Score Excel spreadsheet .

Independent business reviews

Our turnaround situation assessment options

"Range of turnaround situation assessment options to suit a client's circumstances."

The Diagnostic Review is our specialised turnaround due diligence providing answers as to how to best embark on a turnaround, or whether to sell or close the troubled company.

Sometimes circumstances or stakeholders dictate that a very rapid provisional turnaround situation assessment is required. 

We therefor also offer a Directional Diagnostic Review under circumstances of time constraints as a shorter, sharper business reviews to preceded the complete Diagnostic Review.

In this case, detailed quantification of turnaround outcomes are omitted i.e. no financial modeling or detailed debt repayment plans.

The aforementioned two service offerings are normally preceded by a Diagnostic Probe.

This is a pre-assessment of client issues with a view to design a Diagnostic Review.

Lastly, our Financial Health Diagnosis provides a company's Z-Score as a measure of overall financial health.


A successful turnaround is underpinned by a thorough understanding of the issues at hand, and a turnaround plan.


Determining turnaround viability

"Short-term survivability and longer-term viability."

We conduct an independent business review from a turnaround practitioner point of view to determine the true nature of the leadership, strategic, financial, organisational and operational issues faced by an underperforming or distressed company.

The review assesses the client's turnaround situation in terms of both short-term survivability and longer-term turnaround viability. 

"Independent qualitative and quantitative assessment."

Turnaround viability not only depends on whether the underlying causes of distress can be reversed, but also on whether the financial crisis, internal constraints and unfavourable industry characteristics can be overcome.

Additionally, it should ideally be possible for a rapid increase in financial performance to be achievable, and for stakeholder support to be retained or regained.


In technical terms, the resultant turnaround plan's pro forma income, cash flow and balance statements should demonstrate that the negative trend in the Z-Score can be reversed, and that a troubled company can be moved from the Failing Zone or Danger Zone to the Healthy Zone.

"Turnaround vs. exiting."

If a turnaround is not viable, we advise clients on alternatives including the best way to exit, including selling and winding down.

Devising turnaround strategy

If a turnaround is viable, we formulate a detailed turnaround strategy to manage, stabilise, fund and fix the underperforming or distressed business during turnaround implementation (see turnaround implementation services below).

More turnaround situation assessment information

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Before a turnaround can commence, one first need to determine whether a turnaround will in fact be viable.