Turnaround project management

Turnaround project management

Execution of the turnaround strategy faces immense complexities, pressure of limited time, information and resources, as well as uncertainty about the future.

To maintain control, the components of the turnaround plan across all the stages of the turnaround process need to be:

  • Broken down into smaller manageable time-phased activities;
  • Each with associated costs and resources with allocated accountabilities.

Meticulous project management is required to track turnaround performance against targets and timelines, and to reschedule and reallocate.

"Turnround scorecard."

At CRS Turnaround, we plan and monitor turnaround performance with a Turnaround Scorecard, derived from the ubiquitous Balanced Scorecard, and adapted for the special circumstances of turnaround management.

Project management tools example: work streams and schedule


Turnaround project management


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Executing a turnaround as a project ensures completion within budget and on time.