Turnaround strategy components

Components of turnaround strategy

Managing the turnaround

The enabling components to manage the turnaround's stabilisation, funding, recapitalisation and fixing are turnaround leadership, stakeholder management, and turnaround project management.

Stabilising the business

The momentum of an underperforming or distressed business is down.

Such a business needs to be stabilised to ensure the short-term future of the business through cash management, cash generation and cash conservation, demonstrating control, re-introducing predictability and ensuring legal and fiduciary compliance.

Funding and recapitalisation

An underperforming or distressed business invariable needs to be funded and recapitalised to ensure that it can be fixed.

Fixing the distressed business

Finally, the underperforming or distressed business needs to be fixed in strategic, organisational and operational terms.


Turnaround strategy components


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To achieve its turnaround objectives, turnaround strategy describes how to manage, stabilise, fund and fix an underperforming or distressed business.